Service For Recruitment

We provide a freemium way for employers -- purchase premium products can post jobs for free . Our premium products can help employers to quickly and actively search talents, to attract more attention and apply for the posts, to boost employer brand.

Job Posting

Post jobs on JOBCN networking to find the right talent for your vacant positions. JOBCN JOB POSTING provides multi-position, multi-area, multi-platform publishing tools, can fully meet the mass of talents requirements, the national recruitment needs.

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Resume Download

JOBCN RESUME SEARCH provides powerful searching tools to connect you with the right employees, who have been automatically matched your hiring requirements. With payment, can download resumes with full information available ( including candidate's contact details ).

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Job Promotion

JOBCN JOB REFRESH can push posts back to the top of the search results, and uses the JOB BRAND HIGHLIGHT to attract the attention of job seekers. Because the Job Promotion product, brings more views to the position, and more resumes delivery.

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Employer Brand

Through the employer recruiting page, to make sure that candidates can know more about your company before they apply. With pictures, videos, professional page design,an employer recruiting page can boosts your brand ,and helping you stand out from your competitors.

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SMS : Respond to job-seekers' recruiting process through SMS.
Job Delivering : Push the position to the target candidates and invite them to focus and apply.
Wechat : Through WeChat app, can quickly handle the recruiting work anytime, anywhere.

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Service For Job-Hunting

We have been offering great and free job searching services for job seekers with the design concepts of based on user-centered.Job seekers can look for jobs on PC, WeChat, Android, IOS and other platforms at any time, anywhere, and at will..

Job Search

Our website has very rich enterprise resources,it can be used by job seekers as a powerful job search tools.Not only with intelligent matching positions, it can also search for jobs near their home with map location and so on.

Function in detail : Job Search

Resume Management

Job seekers can quickly create resumes, and then apply for jobs after simply set up.

Function in detail : Resume Management

Apply Management

Job seekers can track the progress after they post a CV or apply position on the website.

Function in detail : Apply Management

Featured Service

In addition to basic services, JOBCN also provides many customized services to meet the various demands of different job hunting scenarios.

Function in detail : Other Account Login, Outgoing CV, Import CV, Jobcn App, WeChat, Career Assessment, Position Marker, Resume View History, Blacklist, Smart Matching, Job Subscriber, Map Search